Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time flies

Where did it go?  What happened to the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  While waiting for my Mother-in-laws birthday gift to be quilted, I worked on a few smaller projects.  My 2 youngest grands talked me into making them new pillow cases – I let them pick out the fabric. 

Little Man wanted a 2-sided pillowcase, while Beezer’s only requirement be that it was soft on both sides.  Mission accomplished.
My husband’s daughter-in-law wanted a new stocking for 1 year old Hank – I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find boy-ish type Holiday fabric.  They’re outdoorsy types so I thought this print was appropriate.    

Back - can be flipped around as he gets older
Wanting something for all the Grands this Christmas, I whipped up some mittens instead of stockings for the mantel.  We have all of our kids’ stockings hanging from the railing between the kitchen and living room, but I wanted something different for the little kiddies.  So stinkin' cute!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pucker up Baby

I am now "one" with my people, yes – that’s right, I’ve joined a quilt guild!  This group meets once a month, and at each meeting there’s a guest speaker – for my first guild experience Jenny Doan "charmed" the guest spot!  After the speaker, snack and short meeting, most line up for show-n-tell.  For each item a guild member shows, they get a little ribbon which pins to their name badge – I call this “Badge Bling”.  There are some women who have so much Badge Bling the badge necklace has to be cutting into the back of their necks.  Talk about Bling over-acheivers, these women must sew from dusk-til-dawn.  I know what you’re thinking “she’s got Bling envy”….well, you’re right, I do!
The Guild is a big supporter of making Linus quilts, so I decide to whip together a Linus quilt to earn my first ribbon.  Couldn’t I just take a quilt I’ve already made?  I could if any of the really nice quilts had the binding on them!  So, I pick a super easy pattern, whip it together and start quilting.  I had 4 days before the next guild meeting and needed to get cracking.  I checked the backing after 4 rows of quilting and everything looked fine and dandy.  I’m guessing the moment I stopped checking the back is when it all went downhill…..I zipped through the toddler sized quilt and was immediately deflated when I looked at the backing.  Pucker City.  Puckered beyond belief - so bad I’ll have to rip it all out.  Argh!  So, I went empty handed to the guild meeting and left bling free.   
Cute, right?

Pucker City 

My spiffy new Guild Badge, Blingless....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It should be a happy birthday!

I’m seeing pink and brown in my sleep!  I’ve had the pedal to the metal for 3 weeks trying to complete this quilt.  The worst thing that can happen is if my quilter Gail says she doesn’t have time to quilt before the Christmas holidays.  Surely, she won’t turn me down, right?  I’ll be reduced to tears, I’m not beyond crying and begging!

This quilt is a mini of my queen sized quilt.  Even though my MIL ooh’d and ahh’d over my queen, I think she’ll love this one just as much.  Thinking about making a paper pieced bird for the quilt label.  I’m the worst at adding quilt labels, so it’ll be a snazzy move on my part if I can get bird whipped up.  Stay tuned, I’ll post a quilted, labeled, binded up quilt pic before Jen’s Christmas eve birthday.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sassy Witches!

For me, Halloween is right up there with celebrating Christmas. I’ve got 4 little grands, and each and every year I beg them to dress as Dalmatian puppies so I can be Cruella De Vil – yet they flatly refuse.  My oldest grand isn’t trick or treating this year and I’m seeing visions of my ultimate Halloween slipping away.  Let me just say, I’ve attended countless “Grandparents” days at school, I’ve played endless games of “go fish”, I’ve even had to crawl to the top of the PlayPlace at McDonald’s to rescue a grand who freaked out and couldn’t find her way back down.  So, I’ve decided to play dirty next year – if I have to blackmail, bribe or payoff, I’m going to be Cruella and those grands will be Dalmatians! 


A-dor-a-ble!  I picked up these little sweeties at our Auxiliary Sale here at work.  I couldn’t resist.  So detailed, I love their shoes!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Lucky M-I-L

I’m moving right along with my Mother-In-Law’s Birthday gift.  I anticipate having the throw complete by this weekend.  The sooner the better since I’m not doing the quilting myself.  My M-I-L (Jen) was born on December 24th, so in all the chaos of the holidays her birthday is always lumped in with Christmas.  This year all the “kids” will give her the usual “lawn service for a year” gift certificate, but I’ll have a bonus birthday gift of her favorite quilt.  It might be Jen’s birthday, but I’m quite excited about it.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Be careful what you brag about

It all started several years ago (ok, like 5- it was 2008) when I participated in a Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) Mystery.  Bonnie revealed The Carolina Crossroads mystery (if memory serves) clues/block instructions about every Friday – with a new clue following for about 6-8 weeks.  It took about a nano-second for me to choose my colors – I’d been dreaming of a pink and brown quilt for quite some time.  With fabric pulled from my stash, new needle in my machine, and my first clue printed – I was geared up and ready to stitch up a storm.  Being a full time working girl, I decided my weekends were committed to “the mystery”.  I know what you’re thinking – so why is she telling us about this now…...?  Well, each little 9 patch finishes 3 inches, a finished block is 9 inches – that said, I got sick of those little goobers real quick.  For years, I’d take it out and work on it a little, then shove it back in the closet.  Last spring my Missouri Milestone (renamed) was finally ready for the machine quilter!  Yeah, I know – a lot of nerve to call myself a quilter!

Oh, but it doesn’t end there…..once I had the Missouri Milestone back in my hot little hands, I had to brag about it.  Show the pink and brown wonder to anyone who would look at it.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think my Mother-in-law would go completely crazy over it, but she did.  So much so, that every time I see her see talks about it.  Ok, I get it – she wants it.  But I can’t bring myself to hand it over it her.  It’s my first itty bitty pieced project.  I’ve loved it, hated it, called it the foulest of foul names, loved it again – I just can’t let it go. 
Soooo, over the weekend I started a throw sized quilt for my MIL.  Yeah, I need my head examined – I’d rather endure those tiny dang pieces again than loosen the grip holding on to my queen size lovely.  


Maybe because of the guilt pressure of wanting it done by Christmas, it’s coming along a lot quicker than my first quilt.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Let the applique begin

Fourteen leaves, that’s what I accomplished this weekend - which means I have another one hundred and thirty-something to go.  Hmm.  Obviously, no one will accuse me of being a speed demon with a needle.   If I keep at this pace, I should finish in about 10 weeks….Errr. 

When I wasn’t burning up thread with my advanced applique skills, I puttered around in the backyard with two of my grands.  We spotted a couple of hummingbirds (which were too quick for a photo opp) and quite a few butterflies. The kiddies are always so impressed with the few butterflies they see – I didn’t think it necessary to tell them, with the fortune I’ve spent on butterfly attractants (bushes, flowers, etc), we should see zillions of the beautiful goobers!   

First year having the mammoth sunflowers – love them!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Leaf and let leaf.....

I’m slightly ashamed to say I pieced this New Dresden Plate quilt last January/February.  Only recently, I’ve finished making all the leaves to applique on the vine.  I’m telling you, it’s this bum arm of mine!  Ok, so the fracture happened 2 months ago – but I plan to milk this thing for as long as I can.  Especially when the Hubs wants me to straighten up my side of the garage.....oh, ahwee, I sure wish I could, but I'm in a lot of pain today..... 
I can’t explain why it happens, but normally the quilts I make for others turn out super cute, and by the time I'm ready to hand over I wish I was keeping for myself.  From the beginning this project was all mine, and I have to admit I’m somewhat giddy that I’ll have cute wallhanging for the guest bedroom.  I’m loving the colors and how it’s turning out.             


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Almost, but not quite there....

Just my luck the MRI showed a fracture right below my left elbow, inflammation and some other big gnarly medical word – basically meaning my arm is buggered up.  Sadly, I don’t meet with the bone doc for a few more days, so not sure what the plan of action will be.  Still in pain when I try to straighten, but I’m now able to hold down my ruler (with no pain) to use my rotary cutter…..and really, isn’t that what’s important?!!  Once I was able to cut the final borders for my Carol Doak BOM, I was off and running to finish my quilt.  Just a few months over-due, but it’s now ready for the quilter.  

The Carol Doak BOM instructions were for a 2 color quilt – saving for AQS Quilt Week in Paducah, I didn’t want to purchase fabric.  I had a great idea (not looking so great now) to do a scrappy quilt instead.  The two-color combo quilts from the rest of the group are stunning, I’m not so crazy about mine.  Maybe I’ll “love it” after quilting, but not counting on it. 


While I couldn’t use a rotary cutter or push anything through my sewing machine, I could hold an embroidery hoop.  Go figure.  These cutesy unfinished pillowcases were calling my name (and have been for several years!) to complete.  Like most everything else I do, I thought I could whip them up in a weekend – wrong (being slow as slug) after 4 days of cross-stitching and not completing one case, I tossed them in the closet.  3 years later, I don’t dare say how long it took me to complete both (I’m sure it was because of my bum arm!), but they are wash, pressed and ready for the guest bedroom.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Love

I love just about anything vintage - which includes advertisements.  A little “Madmen style” goes a long way with me.  But I have to question whether my skill at boiling an egg would qualify me to make AND embroider a blouse!
Dang, my Husqvarna didn’t come with this kind of guarantee…..
From one with some experience, she needs to be careful on the ladder ;o) 

I want her hat

Really?  Stout?  Call me stout now and see what happens. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Leaving the painting to the professionals....

I used to think Home improvements were my “thing”….I’ve changed out a bathroom sink faucet, installed ceramic tile, wallpapered and painted more bedrooms than I care to think about.  All without incident – no hammer mishaps (still have all my fingers) but my streak of luck ended on July 5th.  I was fortunate to have a 4-day weekend for the holiday and decided to paint the family room.  Since the room has 12 foot ceilings, I had to drag in the 8ft step ladder to reach the top of the wall.  I had just finished “cutting in” all the windows, doors and ceiling – not sure if I was excited to finally get to the “roller” part or too concerned about whacking the tv, but when I brought my right leg around to start my descent down the ladder I missed the rung and fell about 5ft to the floor.    Well, more like a body slam to the floor!  I landed on my left side – thought I’d dislocated my shoulder, since elbow and wrist went numb, but within a few minutes I was able to move my shoulder around.  After a trip to the emergency room, I had nothing broken but had traumatized the nerve and tendon from my elbow to my wrist.  Oh man, this is torture for me – I’ve got painting to finish, yard work to do, and 12 people coming over for a bbq the very next weekend…. now I’ve buggered up my arm and hauling it around in a sling.  Let me just say, when I dig a hole for myself, I dig it deep……….

All worked out just fine, but I’m still in pain and now my Doc has suggested I see a specialist for an MRI.  Not sure, but that doesn’t sound good. 
Each time this little guys shows up I run for my camera.  And for weeks I run back only to watch him fly off.  This particular day he hung around – I figured he felt sorry for the “old outta breath chick with her arm in a sling” as he hung out for a full photo shoot.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baseball, Bindings and Bloomage

It’s happened.  That’s me in the stands whoopin’ and hollerin’ at my grandkids to ruuuu-nnn faster!  I’ve became one of those nutty grandparents yelling “dig in” and “choke up on the bat”….I tell ya, I never shut up…..whether they’re in or outfield, I’ve got something to say…. And I’m sure the coaches just love me. *wink!

Ms. B’s first year in Blastball, prequel to T-Ball

  Little Man’s first year in coach pitch. 
This is the last week of the season, I'm going to miss going to their games! 
I doubt the coaches will miss me!
A binding we will go….
2 down, about 4 more quilts to go….
New Blooms on the south lawn,  oh who am I kidding - the backyard.

My new shady area tucked between the trees

Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh sure, a squirrel did it.....

Like I’m suppose to believe that?  While out back checking the new grass seed, The Hubs found my leaf bird bath broken.  When asked how it happened, he said he thought a squirrel had broken it.  Really?  A squirrel?  Oh sure, a few nights prior he’d seen a squirrel skirting around it.  Just me, but I think it would have to be a pretty big squirrel (like maybe groundhog sized) to knock the bird bath off the stand….so I say, I’m guessing a squirrel was involved, but maybe the dog was chasing the squirrel and knocked over the bird bath.  Oh no, he was pretty sure it was a squirrel and not HIS dog.  Regardless, the birds will have to bath elsewhere.

I can’t remember how many leaf castings I made before
one would fit on the stand.  I'll weep softly.

What do you think?  She looks guilty to me.