Monday, April 14, 2014

Reach for the Stars

Unless I’ve lost the ability to count, I’m a total of 2 Fussy Stars behind.  Temecula Quilt blog has posted week 15.  If I don’t step it up, by this Friday I could be 3 fussies down.  Gotta get movin’. 
Fussy #11
 Fussy #12

Fussy #13
First sign of spring, my tiger lilies are making an appearance.
Temecula Quilt

Friday, April 11, 2014

Who needs a man, right?

A major relationship in my life is ending, which is something I’m struggling to deal with.  Without too much detail, I’m trying to get my head on straight and move on.  As much as I’ve tried, there is not a positive result waiting for me.  Instead of dwelling on what I can’t have in my life – I’m trying to stay positive and think about the wonderful, loving family and friends I do have.

So I’m wiping the tears, putting on my big girl panties and looking for a new house to create an awesome new sewing room.  I’ve boohoo’d enough and I need to get it together…….

Not a lot of sewing for me, but I’m “sorta” caught up on my Fussy Friday stars….well, maybe one or two behind… I’ll have pics on Monday.

But what I do have, is my wonderful friend Sue – who tried to make things all better – at least for one evening! 
Mmmm, a warm Chocolate Molten Lava Brownie with
caramel and chocolate sauce alamode - Sue is a great friend!