Friday, July 22, 2016

Boutique & Beyond

I think I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back for this one!  I’m giddy over this Snuggle Bunny I put together for the Quilt Guild Boutique.  I’ve seen little blanky snuggles with heads attached or the corners tied in a knot to resemble a cat, dog or whatever little animals’ paws…..but I like the flat snugglers.   I’m working on Kuddle Kitty as well and will have pics to show next week.  Finished size is about 17 x 17.
A soft striped flannel was used on the front with a printed cotton on the back.  Once I have a few more for the boutique, I need to work on snugglers for my 10 month old twin grandies. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

No good deed goes unpunished?

One of the leaders in our quilt guild - Donna, loves to make kitty blankets for one of the area Cat rescue shelters.  Donna is so sweet, she thinks every kitty should have their very own cuddle blanket – so she schedules a sew day for the guild to whip up some cuddlers for these orphans.   Since my granddaughter Amber volunteers to clean litter boxes (yuk!) and love on the kitties at a local pet shop, I asked if she wanted to join the Kitty Blanket sew day.  She’s all over it!  Wouldn’t it be nice to get this much enthusiasm over yard work?  Hmm, I digress.  The golden ticket for Amber was after the sew day, we get to drop the blankets off at the rescue shelter and she could snuggle with the kitties.  Now I’m not totally daft, I laid the ground work before we left the house…….If I said it once, I said it numerous times - You cannot have another cat, your dad will have a meltdown, you cannot have a cat at my house, I am allergic. We are donating blankets, you can have snuggle time, but we are leaving without a cat. 
So, I think everyone reading this knows where I’m going…….about 15 minutes into the visit, Amber notices a mixed adult male Maine Coone cat and immediately starts hyper ventilating. 

Amber:  OH GRANDMA – this is the very cat Sam (my 26 yr old man-child) has been looking for! 

Me: Wha-what? 

Before I can finish what I’m saying, she’s firing off texts and sending pics to Sam.  Not a minute later my phone is blowing up, Sam (beyond excited) wants details about the cat.  oooh.   Before I knew what hit me, I was stopping at the store for cat food and allergy pills.

Big Sam and his Big Cat named Moose

Moose is a handsome feline

The troublemaker - Amber whipping up a kitty blanket

57 Kitty Blankets donated