Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strickly for the birds.....

For the past couple of summers, we've had a pair of doves nest in the gutter on the front of the house.  I've never understood how they keep their nest dry and out of the water.  Could be, the gutter doesn't drain properly and it's not an issue.  This is the first time I've captured their little noggins poking up from the nest.  It was a risky photo shoot, I had to stand on the back of the couch, position my elbow on the half circle window seal to get the shot.  The way I was teetering, it's a wonder I didn't fall and bring the window blinds down with me....but aren't they cute!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Playing catch up...

I’ve done it.  I’ve caught up with Randy’s Sow-A-Long!  Never mind a new set of three blocks are due out on her website today, point is, I’ve completed the blocks she’s posted so far.  For me, that’s a fabulous accomplishment. 

Group shot - I've arranged in the order Randy's
posted to her website.