Friday, March 20, 2015

National Quilting Day

Is your machine cleaned and oiled?  Have a UFO which needs some special attention?  Stack of scraps calling your name?  Get ready, set…..tomorrow is National Quilting Day.   Marge (my mom) still has me ball-n-chained to her kitchen, but I’m seeing the light at the end of this renovation tunnel.  So, I may join Kathy over at ASentimental Quilter tomorrow eve for a sew-a-long.  Kathy will post a small project to commemorate the day.  Who can resist?  It’s only fitting to do some kind of sewing on National Quilt Day!   

If your looking for a bigger project, The National quilting Association has a free pattern to celebrate the day.

The 2015 Quilt – Crooked Path, will make my “to-do” list very soon.  Danniele Bohannon, design winner of this year’s National Quilting Day quilt is about 40 minutes from where I live, but on the Missouri side.  Quilter (Kelly Cline) and quilt photographer (Richard O’Kell) live a stone’s throw away from me.  Feeling proud to have so much talent right here in the mid-west.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck O' The Irish

Wishing you a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Is the smell of corned beef and cabbage wafting from your kitchen?  Since I’m the Queen of spread-yourself-too-thin, I don’t have any aromatic signs of St. Patrick’s Day at my house. I’ve spent my weekend and last evening at my mother’s house renovating her kitchen.   With a coordinating wall to paint, grouting to be done and the cabinetry to replace, I suspect I’ll be there the rest of the week finishing up.  Thankfully, my son is assisting with the plumbing and demolition.  Instead of calling my blog the Quilt Dish, it should be the Reno Dish as I have forgotten what my sewing machine looks like….

Before the cabinetry was ripped from my mother’s kitchen and my life as a tradesman began, I was able to finish up two more Fussy 6 pointers.  I love the fabric pattern of both of these.

Friday, March 13, 2015

March First Friday

It’s time to Dish about one of my favorite Cyber spots.  Ok, so technically, it’s not the First Friday in March.  But I was dog sick last Friday and I’m just itching to share this Blog with everyone. 

Quiltville’sQuips and Snips is another of my favorite Blogs.  Before her blog, you could find Bonnie K Hunter at  Bonnie creates her own quilt designs, teaches, and lectures.  If you’re into the scrappy quilts (and this chick is!), it doesn’t get any better than her blog.  She has tips, tutorials, and several freebie patterns.  Each fall she hosts a free mystery quilt-a-long, the pattern will post to the blog for a few months or so.  Having several quilt books in print now, the mystery pattern will then leave the blog for publication.  How sweet is that?  You get to try a pattern first hand before it's offered to the public.

Strip Twist is one of Bonnie’s freebies on her blog.  It whips together really quick and super easy.  I know this because 3 out of my 4 grands have their own version of the Strip Twist. 

Wyatt’s throw – in between a baby and twin size.

Amber’s quilt, twin size

Beezer’s (Willow) crib size quilt
*but don't call her Willow, or she gets mad!

Disclaimer:  Any views or opinions presented in this Blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Quiltville.  This Midwest chick is in no way involved with the Quiltville’s Quips & Snips Blog.  I’m not on their payroll, In fact I’m sure they don’t even know I exist.  I’m sharing because I appreciate complimentary directions, patterns and quilt a-longs like any other budgeted quilter does.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Forward

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it’s happening.  Spring appears to be right around the corner! These warmer temps could not have come at a better time for me.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve had two different illnesses.  Apparently one type of flu wasn’t enough, but 4 days later the nastiest of nastys got me.  That’s right kids, the dreaded Norovirus.  Without going into too much detail, my youngest son (who’s 25 yrs old) knocked on the bathroom door and suggested he take me to the hospital – and for MY comfort we could go in MY car.  First of all – smart kid, but secondly – how bad did I sound?  I felt like I was dying, but did I sound like it too?  No thanks, at the moment I’m finding comfort in the coolness of the ceramic floor tile……

Once I tamed my bedhead and emerged from the house, look what was there to greet me…..!

Are these Hyacinths?  There are several bunches all around the house.  I know the little red tips starting to appear are a Peony, but since I’ve never planted Hyacinths I can’t really be sure.  Non-the-less, it’s a wonderful surprise.

I know I said I was going to step away from the 6pt Stars, but due to an electrical issue in the family/sewing room, which then extends to the garage, I’m not able to power up Sven.  So, I’m still doing a little hand sewing.  That is, in between illnesses.