Friday, June 17, 2016

The Boutique Dish

I’d like to say I have more going on in my life than our Quilt Guild Show/Boutique…..but I don’t.  This being the first year of “being in charge” I am quite nervous about its success.  Normally, I’m a pretty passive person, but a few times I’ve spoken my mind at a couple of board meeting/encounters …..And now I feel like I need to “put up or shut up”!!  This is how bad it is, I’m checking out other quilt guild shows to see what kind of sale areas they have.  Noting what they’re selling, how its set-up, what seems to be popular, etc.  So there it is, I’ve lowered myself to quilt stalking! I wish I would have paid more attention to our Boutique in the past.  Well, I kind of did, it looked like a throw-back from the seventies (a board meeting conversation I should’ve kept to myself), it's a look I couldn’t get past to notice anything else.  Co-Director Sue and I have tons of ideas, now will the set-up be as gorgeous as the mental pics in our head?  Fingers crossed, one can only hope.
While creating my Sparkling pins and pincushions for the Boutique, I noticed on Pinterest - a few snazzy pins with metal beaded bees on them.  Quilting Bee!  To say I searched high and low for these little bees is an understatement.  As with anything else, I went to Amazon – you have to admit, if it’s not on Amazon, it’s not out there.  They still didn’t have exactly the bee bead I was looking for.  But…during my search I ran across the hexie/bee combo.  Since there seems to be a hexie craze going on right now, these little darlings could not be more perfect! 
Now, am I the only one loving these?  Or will the shoppers at the Boutique buzz with excitement too!