Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Batik-less Wall Hanging

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I wanted to share my new wall hanging before I’m up to my elbows in sweet potatoes, dressing and pumpkin pie! 

  Since I’ve swore off buying fabric until my stash is significantly smaller.  I dug through my Civil War repros and began cutting.

The pattern used Batiks….I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used Batiks.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t think I know how to use them.  Keep in mind, I rarely wonder outside the “box” I’ve become so accustomed to being in.  

Once I had the triangles cut, I had to do a test layout before I started stitching together.        

So far, looking pretty good….. 

 My version of Edyta Sitar's Scrappy Basket 

Instead of fabric for the applique I used wool.  A little nervous not knowing if the fabrics would work with a pattern I’d only seen in Batiks – but I’m loving the results.  Next step - dig out the Valdani thread and get busy on blanket stitching around the wool.                         




Thursday, November 12, 2015

Treat or Retreat?

With all the renovation going on, I knew I had to break away from the house.  I needed to head out of town to a Retreat just get the Twins’ baby quilts complete.  The most I’d been able to do at home was to pick out fabrics and cut a few strips for the nine-patches.  I’d no more get my cutting mat out and my son would show up to work on the renovation/sewing room – knowing I’d need to strike when that iron was hot, I’d put my quilting away!  After all, I can’t move into the new sewing room until it’s finished. 

Uninterrupted time is a must if the babes receive these quilts before they start toddling!   So Sue (my dear Quilting Buddy) and I take off for a much needed, much deserved, quality minded quilt retreat. 

Day 1 - had us driving to the nearest quilt shop, which is the next town over from where we were retreating.  Cheri (QB’s sister) was missing a page out of her quilt pattern, so we left out bright and early that morning to hunt down a copy.  Well, not much luck with the pattern, but we’d passed the local “watering hole” on the way to the Quilted Moose Quilt shop, and Cheri was sure an adult beverage would dull the frustration of the missing pattern page.  So much so, I was beginning to think the search for the pattern was a rouse to find the local drinking establishment! 

Who am I to argue with that?  It was only a few minutes after 11am, so let’s get that woman a beer!  Isn't it....What happens at retreat, stays at retreat……if not, it should be!

Now I don’t want you to think it was all Bloody Mary’s and barstools…..I was able to knock out both Weslyn and Wrenly’s baby quilts in the next few days of the retreat.

Weslyn will receive the pink border quilt 

and Wrenly will receive the purple border quilt

While I thought I was movin’ and groovin’ with the baby quilts – Quilt Buddy Sue was laying down some serious thread!  She finished piecing and putting together this lovely.

It’s a paper pieced pattern by Little Bits, Cindi Edgerton.  With each piece being no more than 1/4 inch wide, total size is about 27inches by 27inches.  So gorgeous!! 

Nothing better than attending a Retreat location which serves meals, snacks and everything in between.  Normally I would say, “any meal is good as long as I don’t have to cook it”, but they have a chef on staff and the food is wonderful.  Since the Retreat is out in the country and nestled between a few really small towns, on occasion the menu items reflect it.  

I have to admit, this City girl enjoyed the wild game mixed Smokey Burger – very lean and no gamey taste.