Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Too scrap or not to scrap?

In April I started a BOM with the Carol Doak yahoo group.  Now, I needed to start another project like I needed another hole in my head....but I did it anyway.  I've always enjoyed paper piecing, but nothing bigger than a small wall hanging or table topper.  Carol's block of the month mystery is about the size of a 'throw' or twin.  Who couldn't use an extra throw sized quilt, right?  In Carol's instructions - she clearly calls this project a "2-color quilt".  With excitement I thought - I've always wanted a 2 color quilt!  This is perfect - I'm in!  Well.....after spending mulitple evenings going through the "stash", I didn't have enough yardage for a 2-color quilt.  I've put myself on a fabric budget, so purchasing wasn't an option. I can't just scrap the idea, I've gotten myself all worked up over a new project.  So I decided to do a scrappy paper pieced quilt.  Eye-roll.  The group is 4 blocks into the mystery - and 2 color quilters are looking really good - mine is starting to look semi-ridiculous!  Part of me thinks I should stop while I'm ahead, the optimist in me is saying keep going, it may be fabulous!  But probably not.





Friday, July 27, 2012

For the birds....

Last fall, I formed two of the concrete elephants ears with deep wells in the center (smaller leaf pictured here).  I wanted to use for a bird baths, but I can't find a stand to accommodate the weight of the concrete leaf.  I have this small stand - which is really a plant stand, but it's so low to the ground.  I thought about using an inverted log, but it would have to be pretty big - not sure I've got the strength to handle that.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and this fern has doubled in size this summer, I don't
know how in the world it's going back in the house this fall!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can you hear me now?

It seems like it took forever for my elephant ears to finally appear.  Now that the bulbs are producing ears, the sun and heat are torturing them.  I didn't grow enough super huge ears for my sidewalk project last year, so I added a few bulbs this season.  Unless we get some rain soon, and a little less heat - my project may have to wait until next year.

Here's one pot - but all almost all the ears in the yard have crispy edges.

This is a concrete leaf for the sidewalk project - I only need about 15 more.

Close up shot of the patio the Hubs and I installed last year.  I ran out of leaves to make the walkway to the patio.  Hopefully, I'll grow a few big ones to use for pavers.  Now.... if the weather would just cooperate.

Despite the heat, the tiger lilies looked fabulous!

I have to share a pic of my "birthday myrtle".  Simply gorgeous.