Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pucker up Baby

I am now "one" with my people, yes – that’s right, I’ve joined a quilt guild!  This group meets once a month, and at each meeting there’s a guest speaker – for my first guild experience Jenny Doan "charmed" the guest spot!  After the speaker, snack and short meeting, most line up for show-n-tell.  For each item a guild member shows, they get a little ribbon which pins to their name badge – I call this “Badge Bling”.  There are some women who have so much Badge Bling the badge necklace has to be cutting into the back of their necks.  Talk about Bling over-acheivers, these women must sew from dusk-til-dawn.  I know what you’re thinking “she’s got Bling envy”….well, you’re right, I do!
The Guild is a big supporter of making Linus quilts, so I decide to whip together a Linus quilt to earn my first ribbon.  Couldn’t I just take a quilt I’ve already made?  I could if any of the really nice quilts had the binding on them!  So, I pick a super easy pattern, whip it together and start quilting.  I had 4 days before the next guild meeting and needed to get cracking.  I checked the backing after 4 rows of quilting and everything looked fine and dandy.  I’m guessing the moment I stopped checking the back is when it all went downhill…..I zipped through the toddler sized quilt and was immediately deflated when I looked at the backing.  Pucker City.  Puckered beyond belief - so bad I’ll have to rip it all out.  Argh!  So, I went empty handed to the guild meeting and left bling free.   
Cute, right?

Pucker City 

My spiffy new Guild Badge, Blingless....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It should be a happy birthday!

I’m seeing pink and brown in my sleep!  I’ve had the pedal to the metal for 3 weeks trying to complete this quilt.  The worst thing that can happen is if my quilter Gail says she doesn’t have time to quilt before the Christmas holidays.  Surely, she won’t turn me down, right?  I’ll be reduced to tears, I’m not beyond crying and begging!

This quilt is a mini of my queen sized quilt.  Even though my MIL ooh’d and ahh’d over my queen, I think she’ll love this one just as much.  Thinking about making a paper pieced bird for the quilt label.  I’m the worst at adding quilt labels, so it’ll be a snazzy move on my part if I can get bird whipped up.  Stay tuned, I’ll post a quilted, labeled, binded up quilt pic before Jen’s Christmas eve birthday.