Monday, December 12, 2016

Sewing Room Shenanigans

With the Boutique behind me, I can get back to working on my newly remodeled sewing room. Wootwoot!  Seeing the newly installed sheet rock instead of knotty pine, and hard wood instead of the ratty carpet made the fabric cubes looked cheap.  I’ll admit they are cheap, but I didn’t want them to “look” cheap.  Purchasing a snazzy new fabric storage system isn’t going to happen, especially when my budget spreadsheet literally laughed at me.  So, I had to improvise.  Where do you go when you’re unsure about what to do?  Pinterest.  Yep, once again, it didn’t let me down.  Searched billy (ikea brand – although I had the Walmart brand) shelving and viola, lots of redos, remakes and renovations.

Lately, I’m not allowed to say the “P” word (Pinterest) around my sons.  They know this means some kind of project is in the works and I’ll be calling them for assistance.  But being budget minded, I have to work with what I have, right?  So, I decided to give them a break and work this one on my own. 
This is what I started with – 2 sets of cubbies.  Since I have limited space, I wanted to stack them.  The only purchases I made: 1 4x8 sheet of beadboard (wainscoting) and trim board.  Bolts to connect the two cubbies together.  The rest I had leftover in the garage – 2x4’s for the base, base trim and crown molding (from the remodel).   
In no way will I pretend this was easy, after building the base and attaching one cubbie, I did have to ask my younger son to assist with stacking the 2nd cubbie on top.  Plus I screwed up the crown molding and had to cut twice.  Filled the nail holes and painted.  I love it!  I’m done and accomplished this project on my own!!

**Since I have an outlet behind the unit, I left the bottom 3 cubbies open.  I ran a power strip over to the left and tacked to the side of the cabinet.  Plus ran an extension cord to the top for a small lamp. I’ll either fill the bottom with fabric cubbie containers or baskets to hide the wall.