Friday, April 17, 2015

A little too excited....?

One more brag about the progress of my yard.  I wish I could remember the name of this bush – it has long spindly branches with bright green leaves and yellow pom-pom blooms.  Dora (my fiber artist bud) was thinning out this bush and gave me a few clumps of it.  There’s always the fear it won’t be happy in my yard, but it's blooming really nice for a new transplant.   

Now for the quilt dish.  A few weeks ago my quilt bud Sue and I attended our Guild’s weekend workshop.  I was excited to attend, I felt “one” with this workshop – this is right up my alley.  Finally a Scrappy workshop!  We were told how many colors to choose and given cutting directions prior to class.  

Once there, the instructor would walk us through putting the first block together.  Quickly I deflate because I’m not loving the colors I’ve picked out.  Mine aren’t going together super cool like everyone else’s.  All the other blocks (including Sue’s) have a pop of color.  Ahh, mine aint poppin’.  At the time I pulled my colors, I had no idea how the blocks would go together.  What’s happening?  Am I rusty at scrappy?  Have I lost my mo-jo?  This isn’t what I had in mind at all……

Block 2

 Block 1

What made me think that orange could sit 
right up next to that yellow?

Err, all the fabric is cut for 16 blocks.  Not sure if I should finish the rest of the blocks or stop where I’m at.  Decisions....decisions........ 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not enough time in the day....

I would love to say my absence has been from having the pedal to the metal on my sewing machine – but that’s not the case.  Spring Fever has hit me hard.  When I purchased my home last summer, the yard was free of any type of landscaping.  I couldn’t wait for this spring to arrive so I could start planting some gorgeous perennials.  There’s been more weeding and digging up old tree roots than planting – but it’s starting to come together.  My first show-n-tell is my first ever Rhododendron bush.  She’s a beauty and not sure why I haven’t been excited about them before.  All credit goes to my friend Dora, she turned me on to the Rhodo’s.

I planted this stunner directly under my picture window in the front of the house.

My 2nd brag......I knew I had a Lilac, but just didn’t know what color.  Nice to see bloomage! It was looking a little rough when I moved in.  Pruned it up, pulled some weeds away and it’s lookin' mighty fine.