Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sassy Witches!

For me, Halloween is right up there with celebrating Christmas. I’ve got 4 little grands, and each and every year I beg them to dress as Dalmatian puppies so I can be Cruella De Vil – yet they flatly refuse.  My oldest grand isn’t trick or treating this year and I’m seeing visions of my ultimate Halloween slipping away.  Let me just say, I’ve attended countless “Grandparents” days at school, I’ve played endless games of “go fish”, I’ve even had to crawl to the top of the PlayPlace at McDonald’s to rescue a grand who freaked out and couldn’t find her way back down.  So, I’ve decided to play dirty next year – if I have to blackmail, bribe or payoff, I’m going to be Cruella and those grands will be Dalmatians! 


A-dor-a-ble!  I picked up these little sweeties at our Auxiliary Sale here at work.  I couldn’t resist.  So detailed, I love their shoes!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Lucky M-I-L

I’m moving right along with my Mother-In-Law’s Birthday gift.  I anticipate having the throw complete by this weekend.  The sooner the better since I’m not doing the quilting myself.  My M-I-L (Jen) was born on December 24th, so in all the chaos of the holidays her birthday is always lumped in with Christmas.  This year all the “kids” will give her the usual “lawn service for a year” gift certificate, but I’ll have a bonus birthday gift of her favorite quilt.  It might be Jen’s birthday, but I’m quite excited about it.