Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bringin' hexie back...

When starting the Fussy Friday Stars, I didn’t know the direction Temecula quilt shop/blog was going with her stars – and still don’t.  But I knew I'd found purpose when I ran across this quilt (Hexagon Quilt) !  Not being able to track down the pattern, I'm fairly confident (fingers tightly crossed) I could pencil it out on paper. I’ve added diamond pieces to make large hexagons, and will add other patterned hexagons for a scrappy hexie look.  Lovin' it!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Finally, some show-n-tell

It’s done.  With the exception of a label, my pink and brown scrappiness is complete.  I have deep love for the scrappy quilts, not that I don’t appreciate a well thought out color coordinated quilt, but there’s really something special to me about a scrappy mixture of fabrics.  The only matchy match thing I like to do is make the binding the same fabric as the last border.  When making my MIL a smaller version of my pink and brown, I pretty much used all the same fabrics – even the final border.  Did it occur to me to cut my binding before completing her quilt?  No. When it came time to do the final touches to mine, I was out of the brown/rose fabric. After some deep digging in the stash, nothing looked good up against the border.  Thinking I was putting too much thought into it, I decided to use this striped fabric.  I think it will have to grow on me....
4th week Fussy Friday Block

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seeing Stars

We have a guild meeting next Tuesday and I would love to show-n-tell something I’ve made recently.  At guild, we receive a ribbon to pin to our name badge for every item we show – since I’m a newbie, I’m ribbon-less.  I’ve been working on my queen pink and brown quilt, and have a smidgen (I’m in denial - actually about half) of the binding left to tack down.  Binding - being my least favorite thing to do, I took a short break (my attempt to ditch the binding) to whip together another Fussy Friday Star. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Fussy Friday

Not as pleased with this one as I am of my first Fussy Friday block.  The stripe caught my eye, but I couldn’t get the leaves to match up.  In the whole scheme of the quilt, I doubt it will be noticeable.  Right?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy New Year!

My new year’s resolution….update my blog a little more often!  

Thought I’d better post the update of my MIL’s Christmas eve birthday present.  So, I had high hopes of whipping up a snazzy quilt label for her – some cutesy paper pieced work of art.  A few weeks before her b-day she tells me about a neighbor lady who received a quilt with her name embroidered on it.  MIL thought it was so special to have it personalized. Hmm, I had planned to run fabric through the printer for a label then paper piece into a bird/birdhouse, but I can switch it up.  My snazzy paper pieced label wasn’t turning out so well anyway, so I tossed it aside for an appliqued bird and Jen’s name hand stitched on her quilt.  Even with the horrible hand writing, she loved it. 


Now that I’ve got a little hand sewing under my belt – Temecula QuiltCo. Blog is doing a Fussy Friday each week.  She’s using 60 degree diamonds to make a 6-point star.  Thought I’d join in, not sure I’ll do the entire 52 weeks, but maybe enough for a wall hanging.  I have great intentions and all, but 52 weeks is a long time!