Monday, September 23, 2013

Be careful what you brag about

It all started several years ago (ok, like 5- it was 2008) when I participated in a Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) Mystery.  Bonnie revealed The Carolina Crossroads mystery (if memory serves) clues/block instructions about every Friday – with a new clue following for about 6-8 weeks.  It took about a nano-second for me to choose my colors – I’d been dreaming of a pink and brown quilt for quite some time.  With fabric pulled from my stash, new needle in my machine, and my first clue printed – I was geared up and ready to stitch up a storm.  Being a full time working girl, I decided my weekends were committed to “the mystery”.  I know what you’re thinking – so why is she telling us about this now…...?  Well, each little 9 patch finishes 3 inches, a finished block is 9 inches – that said, I got sick of those little goobers real quick.  For years, I’d take it out and work on it a little, then shove it back in the closet.  Last spring my Missouri Milestone (renamed) was finally ready for the machine quilter!  Yeah, I know – a lot of nerve to call myself a quilter!

Oh, but it doesn’t end there…..once I had the Missouri Milestone back in my hot little hands, I had to brag about it.  Show the pink and brown wonder to anyone who would look at it.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think my Mother-in-law would go completely crazy over it, but she did.  So much so, that every time I see her see talks about it.  Ok, I get it – she wants it.  But I can’t bring myself to hand it over it her.  It’s my first itty bitty pieced project.  I’ve loved it, hated it, called it the foulest of foul names, loved it again – I just can’t let it go. 
Soooo, over the weekend I started a throw sized quilt for my MIL.  Yeah, I need my head examined – I’d rather endure those tiny dang pieces again than loosen the grip holding on to my queen size lovely.  


Maybe because of the guilt pressure of wanting it done by Christmas, it’s coming along a lot quicker than my first quilt.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Let the applique begin

Fourteen leaves, that’s what I accomplished this weekend - which means I have another one hundred and thirty-something to go.  Hmm.  Obviously, no one will accuse me of being a speed demon with a needle.   If I keep at this pace, I should finish in about 10 weeks….Errr. 

When I wasn’t burning up thread with my advanced applique skills, I puttered around in the backyard with two of my grands.  We spotted a couple of hummingbirds (which were too quick for a photo opp) and quite a few butterflies. The kiddies are always so impressed with the few butterflies they see – I didn’t think it necessary to tell them, with the fortune I’ve spent on butterfly attractants (bushes, flowers, etc), we should see zillions of the beautiful goobers!   

First year having the mammoth sunflowers – love them!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Leaf and let leaf.....

I’m slightly ashamed to say I pieced this New Dresden Plate quilt last January/February.  Only recently, I’ve finished making all the leaves to applique on the vine.  I’m telling you, it’s this bum arm of mine!  Ok, so the fracture happened 2 months ago – but I plan to milk this thing for as long as I can.  Especially when the Hubs wants me to straighten up my side of the garage.....oh, ahwee, I sure wish I could, but I'm in a lot of pain today..... 
I can’t explain why it happens, but normally the quilts I make for others turn out super cute, and by the time I'm ready to hand over I wish I was keeping for myself.  From the beginning this project was all mine, and I have to admit I’m somewhat giddy that I’ll have cute wallhanging for the guest bedroom.  I’m loving the colors and how it’s turning out.             


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Almost, but not quite there....

Just my luck the MRI showed a fracture right below my left elbow, inflammation and some other big gnarly medical word – basically meaning my arm is buggered up.  Sadly, I don’t meet with the bone doc for a few more days, so not sure what the plan of action will be.  Still in pain when I try to straighten, but I’m now able to hold down my ruler (with no pain) to use my rotary cutter…..and really, isn’t that what’s important?!!  Once I was able to cut the final borders for my Carol Doak BOM, I was off and running to finish my quilt.  Just a few months over-due, but it’s now ready for the quilter.  

The Carol Doak BOM instructions were for a 2 color quilt – saving for AQS Quilt Week in Paducah, I didn’t want to purchase fabric.  I had a great idea (not looking so great now) to do a scrappy quilt instead.  The two-color combo quilts from the rest of the group are stunning, I’m not so crazy about mine.  Maybe I’ll “love it” after quilting, but not counting on it. 


While I couldn’t use a rotary cutter or push anything through my sewing machine, I could hold an embroidery hoop.  Go figure.  These cutesy unfinished pillowcases were calling my name (and have been for several years!) to complete.  Like most everything else I do, I thought I could whip them up in a weekend – wrong (being slow as slug) after 4 days of cross-stitching and not completing one case, I tossed them in the closet.  3 years later, I don’t dare say how long it took me to complete both (I’m sure it was because of my bum arm!), but they are wash, pressed and ready for the guest bedroom.