Friday, May 20, 2016

Lead by example….right?

It was so easy sitting on the sidelines, what possessed me to take on such a task as Co-Chairing the Quilt Show Boutique?  While trying to coax Guild members into sewing items for the Boutique, I too, am trying to crank out a few items. 
Thinking misery loves company there would be fellowship working on the boutique projects, Co-Boutiquer Sue and I scheduled a sew day to rally the troops.  It was time to “think” Boutique – represent our Guild with the finest hand crafted items in the quad-state area!  Yes, yes, yes!!  Well….five women showed up, plus Sue and I…. 7 out of over 100 guild members.  Humf.  Insert disappointed emoji face here! 
Ok, so the guild is moving in baby steps….it’s still early, we have until late September, right?   While I try to suppress my panic attack, I’ll share the items I’ve made for the Boutique.    
Nice heavy pin cushions – filled with walnut shells.
No shame in my game – I want to brag about these dazzling pins adorning the pin cushions.  As with some of you, Pinterest is my “go too” for ideas.  They didn’t let me down with these little sparklers!  All it took was some fancy pins and raiding my granddaughters' glass beads….. Viola!



Without a doubt, my favorite pin cushions. 
Who wouldn’t love one of these Freaky Fowl?!?! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

What can I say? I'm a sucker....

Like I don’t have enough to do.  At the moment, I have too many projects in my home/garden and let’s not talk about all the quilting projects I’m in different stages of….. but does that stop me from volunteering at quilt guild?  No ma’am.  You’re looking at the new Co-Director of the Starlight Quilt Guild Boutique.  The guild is all-a-buzz about the upcoming quilt show in October.  Within the quilt show they host a “Boutique” which sells handmade items by the members of the guild.  A way of recouping (kinda sorta!) the expenses of hosting the quilt show.  I wrangled my quilt buddy Sue to help lead in this Boutique Madness.  After all, I wasn’t going to sink alone in this venture!  So with my partner in crime, we’re organizing the best (fingers crossed) darn Boutique they’ve ever seen!  While I seem really motivated and about as positive as I can be, we’ll see how I feel mid-September!

The Splendid Sampler Dish: 

Instead of making a “Quilt Shop” with the House block – I placed Uncle Sam in the window.  It seemed fitting using Civil War Repros.

Progress in the Splendid Sampler, or maybe lack of?  I’m really enjoying this quilt-a-long.  For a moment I really stressed over a few of the blocks.  Let’s just say – I wasn’t loving the non-traditional blocks.  After a couple of days moaning and groaning I decided this concoction of miscellaneous blocks are mine.  So I changed out a few, I mean the quilt police aren’t going to show up and point out the difference…. so let's throw caution to the wind, after all it’s my Splendid Sampler!  

I did a “change-up” for Block 14 – Flying High (below).  Not really my style, so I made a slightly different version of a Flying Geese (above).