Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Love

I love just about anything vintage - which includes advertisements.  A little “Madmen style” goes a long way with me.  But I have to question whether my skill at boiling an egg would qualify me to make AND embroider a blouse!
Dang, my Husqvarna didn’t come with this kind of guarantee…..
From one with some experience, she needs to be careful on the ladder ;o) 

I want her hat

Really?  Stout?  Call me stout now and see what happens. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Leaving the painting to the professionals....

I used to think Home improvements were my “thing”….I’ve changed out a bathroom sink faucet, installed ceramic tile, wallpapered and painted more bedrooms than I care to think about.  All without incident – no hammer mishaps (still have all my fingers) but my streak of luck ended on July 5th.  I was fortunate to have a 4-day weekend for the holiday and decided to paint the family room.  Since the room has 12 foot ceilings, I had to drag in the 8ft step ladder to reach the top of the wall.  I had just finished “cutting in” all the windows, doors and ceiling – not sure if I was excited to finally get to the “roller” part or too concerned about whacking the tv, but when I brought my right leg around to start my descent down the ladder I missed the rung and fell about 5ft to the floor.    Well, more like a body slam to the floor!  I landed on my left side – thought I’d dislocated my shoulder, since elbow and wrist went numb, but within a few minutes I was able to move my shoulder around.  After a trip to the emergency room, I had nothing broken but had traumatized the nerve and tendon from my elbow to my wrist.  Oh man, this is torture for me – I’ve got painting to finish, yard work to do, and 12 people coming over for a bbq the very next weekend…. now I’ve buggered up my arm and hauling it around in a sling.  Let me just say, when I dig a hole for myself, I dig it deep……….

All worked out just fine, but I’m still in pain and now my Doc has suggested I see a specialist for an MRI.  Not sure, but that doesn’t sound good. 
Each time this little guys shows up I run for my camera.  And for weeks I run back only to watch him fly off.  This particular day he hung around – I figured he felt sorry for the “old outta breath chick with her arm in a sling” as he hung out for a full photo shoot.