Friday, July 17, 2015

Finally....sewing I can dish about!

Sometimes it’s good to be a second choice….especially in the eyes of one of your children.  My youngest Sam and one of his buds, take an annual trip to Colorado to see his favorite jam band Widespread Panic each summer.  A last minute decision (Matt had to take a summer college course) left my son without his traveling buddy.  Imagine my surprise when Sam asked me to go with him.  Say what?  I couldn’t pack fast enough.  The only catch, he was going to all 3 shows and wanted me to attend at least one with him.  Hmm, ok.  I’d never been to a show at Red Rocks, so I was game.
Now, there should be a disclaimer on the ticket – get your butt in shape to attend a Red Rocks show!  Oh man, we had to park down (and I mean down) the hill from the parking lot and walk up.  Then walk up an incline to the amphitheater.  Wait, I’m not done, then walk up steps to our seats.  As we'd make our way to the top, I'd see casualties parked on the steps sucking down bottles of water and gasping for air.  This mama was huffin' and puffin' by the time we reached the top. This blew my mind, I consider myself is decent shape. Normally the altitude doesn’t bother me, but I think my ears popped again just trying to get to our seats!  

Regardless, we had a really good time.  Did some sight-seeing, a little shopping and some sewing!  Yep, that’s right.  The evenings Sam was at Red Rocks, I turned our hotel room into a quilt studio. 

 Oh yeah!  This could work!

With only needing a couple of rows added, I took my 30’s Tennessee retreat quilt to complete.  It’s only been a sitting UFO for a year – how sad is that?  Just a few rows shy of being finished and I let it sit for so long.  Once my hour glass quilt was finished I whipped together a few fussy stars.   

A snugly utility quilt for the Grands when they visit.

Why I’ve started a second size of fussy stars, I’ll never know.  But I did.  Original size in the center, smaller stars were the brain fart.  Again, the altitude may have been messing with my mind.  

They’re darn cute, so I’ll crank out a few more until I figure out what to do with them.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hexie Brag Bag

My fellow co-worker and quilty friend Dora is a fiber artist.  I’ve admired her fiber pieces for years.  No matter how busy we are at work, Dora, Jen and I sneak off for show-n-tell when we’ve completed a project.  I lean towards traditional (more of a repro nut), Jen is very middle of the road (modern fabrics and patterns with a little traditional thrown in) and Dora (straight up modern, free flowing and refuses to use a rotary cutter – I can’t even wrap my head around that). We couldn’t be more different, but when we’ve had sewing days together, I’m mystified by their creativity. 

However, every once in a while Dora surprises me…..could there be a spark of traditional deep within her, fighting to get out?  Not long ago, she calls me in her office – she seemed almost giddy like she has a big secret to share.  Dora pulls out her latest bag.  A hexie tote!  Nothing like her other bags she’s whipped together - full of texture like silks, corduroys, wools, etc., but a cotton hexie tote.  Absolutely stunning.  I love it and told her I had every intention of copying and making one for myself!  

Dora, with one of her pieces hanging in an exhibit.  Being a scientist, she replicated something you’d see under a microscope. 
Wish I had more photos of her many pieces. 

Dora’s version of traditional.  A baby gift for a friend.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July First Friday

When I found out Barbara Brackman was to lecture at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival, I was about as excited as I could get (without embarrassing myself!).  Not gonna lie, in the grand scheme of the quilt world - she’s my quilty crush!  Eleanor Burns – you know I bow down to you, Nancy Doan – you rock the demonstrations……but Barbara….. you complete me!  Since I fancy reproductions during the 1800’s, her blog "Civil War Quilts" is my main source for their historical story.  Barbara is funny and witty, a book author, blogs and resides in my great state of Kansas.  I could go on and on, but you should check her out!

Disclaimer:  Any views or opinions expressed in this Blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Barbara Brackman at Civil War Quilts and Material Culture.  This Midwest chick is in no way involved with the either blog.  I’m not on her payroll, In fact I’m sure she don’t even know I exist.  I’m sharing because I appreciate complimentary directions, patterns and quilt a-longs like any other budgeted quilter does. 

Don’t forget, "Shop Local Saturdays" which always follow First Fridays.  Show your local quilt shop some shopping love!