Monday, January 30, 2017

Spiffed up and ready to sew!

I’ve hammered my last nail, I’ve put the Dewalt back on the charger and I’m returning the borrowed chop-saw.  This DIY’er is done with home renovations for a while.  My cheapo fabric storage units have a new face and are ready for my stash. 

I’m still debating what kind of finished top I want to put on the 3-drawer dresser unit/book shelves – but I can jam those cabinets full of stuff in the meantime.  Not sure if I want to have an ironing type surface, cutting surface or a decorative surface.  I would love to put a variety of old yards across the top, but I’ll never find enough of those.

So until some grand idea comes to me, I’ll leave as is.  Whatever I decide, it’s a great space to hold up the weight of whatever I’m sewing on my machine. 
Quilt Books on these 2 shelves

Open area for extra cutting mats and large rulers

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