Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Stitchworms!

I am a card carrying member of The Stitchworms!

I’m so fortunate to be acquainted with several very clever Quilty women.  Within the Quilt Guild I belong to, we have several “small groups”.  These are guild members who also meet once a month on a set evening different from the guild meeting.  Each small group specializes in something different.  Like a Round Robin group, Hand stitching group, Embroidery group, etc.  I belong to the English Paper Piecing group.   Our group is about 10 ladies strong, so for sewing room and lighting – we chose to meet at the library (conference room) each month (so nice….no one has to run home from work and pick up their house for company!).  After the first couple of meetings, we decided we needed a group name….something original.  No Nightime Needler’s, no Stitch-n-bitch…..something new and catchy!  By the very next meeting Susan (not to be confused with Boutique Sue) came up with The Stitchworms.  It makes total sense!  Get it?  Like Bookworm? Since meet in the Library?  Ok, we’re geeks too, but what a spiffy name! 
Now we needed a logo…..notice we’re spending a lot of time thinking about and doing things other than sewing…..  but we needed a platform, right?  So, I start digging for clipart.  Since I work up the newsletter articles for the Boutique, I went back to clipart I’d saved.  Now why I saved a worm in an apple, I’ll never know.  But he fit perfectly in a button/needle clipart I’d been wanting to use.  Great balls of fire, we have us a cutesy logo!
Hold on to your hats….my Boutique buddy Sue (not Susan) took it one step further and made ALL the ladies in the group a pin cushion (with said logo) for Christmas.  Scrappy pin-cushions no less, with coloring and embroidery. This woman never ceases to amaze me.  I absolutely love them!
Whoop-whoop, these things are so dang cute!  


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