Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Moose, please….I just want to sew

Since Moose has come into our lives last summer, I really haven’t done a lot of sewing.  I’ve been reno/working on the sewing room.  Now that it’s done, is it proper to call it a Studio now?  I’ve heard other quilters call their areas “Studios” and often wondered…. “what’s the difference?”  Per Webster’s Dictionary – not much.  Studio sounds a bit hipster whereas Sewing Room sounds very traditional.  I suppose it doesn’t make a difference as long as my son and his cat keep all their “stuff” out of my area. 

Which leads me to the topic of the day.  Moose. This big ol’ monster is part Maine Coon and is about as needy as an adult male with a cold!  Not generalizing, just comparing to the men in my life.  If I’m parked on the couch watching TV, I can’t beg this feline to lay next to me. I mean who doesn’t want to stick their feet under a huge warm fur ball.  But let me pick up my English paper piecing and he’s right across my lap, kneading his paws into the cellulite for ultimate comfort.  And, as you can see in the pic, I can forget laying blocks out on the floor.  I’m trying to pick a sashing fabric, but after trying a couple of fabrics I gave up.  I try to be stern, but he looks at me with those big doe eyes, turns the motor on and I give in.  I’m such a sucker!
The blocks I’m trying to sash is our Quilt Guilds 2016 block of the month, Ladies in the White House – each block signifies one of the previous First Ladies for 9 months. The original pattern is a 12” block, but I wanted a table topper, so I reduced to 8” blocks.

The big guy on his favorite Christmas gift.

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