Monday, November 14, 2016

Boutique Baby is put to Bed!

Elvis has left the building….the Quilt Show is over and the Boutique has closed its’ doors on another successful year.  At least I think it was successful…..we took home about a third of the items we brought in.  Not gonna lie, Sue and I were a bit nervous.  You never know if you have enough items to display.  Will the attendees be interested in these types of hand-made quilty goodies?  Priced too high or too low?  In the end, we did a fine job displaying, and hopefully the donations sold covered most of the expenses of the quilt show. 
 In all the craziness, I was able to “finish” a quilt for the Show.  Now mind you, I started this quilt in 2013 – I’d applique a handful of Dresdens, then toss aside (hide in the closet) for a while.  Pull it out of the closet, applique a few more Dresdens and toss it back in, well out of sight.  There comes a time when enough is enough and I sucked it up, and finished it. 

My finished Edyta Sitar basket framed wall hanging.  Did they have to put it right next to Sue's (quilt buddy, co-director of the Boutique) kick-butt zillion paper pieced star?  Can a girl get a break?
By the way – Sue received 3rd place in the small quilt category for this lovely!! 

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